Candace C. Bowen - WIP
A Knight of Valour
Knight Series - Volume III
An undeniable love… an evil man with the power to destroy a family… A KNIGHT OF VALOUR

(Sequel to Voodoo Fire)
Some things never die...

The Curse of
Allister Mage
Not all chests contain treasure...
The Pirate's Gem
Off the sixteenth century coast of Ireland, English Sea Captain Slade Trevett seeks retribution against the female pirate, Grace O’Malley. His valuable cargo plundered for
the last time, he hatches a plan to ransom the infamous woman's only daughter.
Raised in a convent on Clare Island,
seventeen year-old Margaret O’Flaherty
no longer questions her mother’s infrequent visits. Rebelling against the staid life forced upon her, she dreams of a future spent at sea.
Snatching Margaret in the dark of night, Slade brings her on board his merchant ship, The Sea Gem. Confronted by the independent spirit of the O'Malley women, he soon discovers he has captured more than he ever bargained for.
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