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In a battle between love and loyalty, a knight with a painful past is forced to take sides…Nineteen year old Reina of Kenwick knows a lot about adversity. Deaf from a childhood illness, she is about to be banished to a convent by her cold and distant father. Baron Fulke of Erlegh has a tragic past. Throwing himself into a life of battle and debauchery, Fulke is removed from the field and commanded to take a bride. King Henry I. is a changed man since losing his only son and heir in the White Ship sinking. Intent to name his only daughter, Matilda, the first Queen of England, he seeks advantage over powerful opposition. Discovering Reina’s unique ability to lip-read, Henry separates the two lovers and coerces Reina to spy for the crown under threat of harm to Fulke. Fulke and his courageous band of knights enact a plan that will free Reina from the king’s grip or cause all of them to be executed for treason in…A Knight of Silence.
Available Wherever Books Are Sold 
Best-selling author
Bronwyn Chase never
quite fit in with the 21st century world around
her. On a publicity trip
to New York City, a mysterious woman
claiming to be a mystic from Bronwyn’s past
gives her a silver
knight’s spur. Asked to save Euric, a man she
never knew existed, Bronwyn finds herself transported to twelfth century Cornwall.
Landing at the feet of
an entranced Euric, she discovers the instant connection she feels to him comes from a midsummer rite gone horribly awry on the eve of her birth. 
Forced to face a dark wicce who plans to use Euric for her
own nefarious ends, Bronwyn summons her own mystical
birthright to free him.
Available September 2012
(Temporary Cover)
Student archaeologist Brea Peltier has always been fascinated by the past. Returning to Cornwall after the brutalmurder of a group of her childhood friends, she finds an ancient evil bent on destroying her family possessing the body of another.
Cardiff University Professor Reese Blackwell walks the
fine line between student and teacher relationships when it comes to Brea. After receiving a cryptic message from her, he comes to her aid as his scientific mind struggles to come to grips with the bizarre events taking place around him.
Brea soon discovers in order to save everyone she cares about, she must overcome a lifetime of skepticism to embrace her mystical birthright.
Available November 2012
(Temporary Cover)
An attraction too great to deny … a misunderstanding gone horribly awry…
Narrowly escaping King Henry’s wrath, Sir Albin struggles with temptation as he accepts a mission for his liege, Baron Fulke of Erlegh. After a simple misunderstanding turns deadly, Sir Albin finds himself in a battle for his life and all he holds dear.
Forced into adulthood before her time, Lecie of Rochester dares to dream of a life with the handsome knight who often visits the family inn. Accused of murder, she finds herself in a hangman’s noose with time running out.
In a battle for life itself, the two lovers struggle to settle their differences before fate separates them forever.
Coming in 2013
During the height of the Ripper Murders, eighteen year-old Katherine Kelly arrives from Wales in search of her older sister, Mary. When the Metropolitan Police refuse to help her, she takes matters into her own hands. 
Combing the seedy alleys of Whitechapel, Constable Edward Stanhope searches for
the notorious killer terrorizing his beat. 
Joining forces, Edward
and Katherine soon discover the closer they come to finding Mary, the closer they come to finding Jack.
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