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Months after completing my first novel in 2008, A Knight of Silence, I was blessed to find a publisher willing to release it. Since that time, I have gone on to write an additional six full-length novels. Four were published through Seven Realms Publishing and two through Rhemalda Publishing. Sadly, Rhemalda Publishing closed, and Seven Realms Publishing has decided to go in another direction. After reviewing my options, I was assisted by Kent Holloway the genius behind Seven Realms to create my own press. The recently available, The Order of the Knightshades-The Stygian Stone, and all of my future work will be released through Knighttime Press.
While I could go through the tedious process of submitting my manuscripts to traditional publishing establishments, doing so takes all the joy out of writing for me. I believe anyone who has trouble writing a synopsis will understand my feelings on the matter. Along with the varying submission requirements and endless waiting, I feel that I am currently on the right track.
Thank you for taking this ride with me. It makes the journey worthwhile.
Blessed be,




I am thrilled to announce that I 
have been selected to be a part of 
J. Kent Holloway's  
The Order of the Knightshades
More information to follow 
in the coming months.  

Read the book that started it all...The Djinn.
 (Available in Paperback, eBook and Audio)

It is with heartfelt sadness that I announce the closing of Rhemalda Publishing. Rhemalda released my novels, Spur of the Moment and its sequel, Wicked Embers. These two titles will be self-published in eBook format only through Amazon. If you are interested in paperback copies, please purchase them as soon as possible. Thank you.
Spur of the Moment:
Wicked Embers:
Saturday, May 25, 2013 ~ 10:55am Central Time - 11:55am Eastern Time
Candace's story,
"Mr. Perfect"
is featured in the
Bump Off Your Enemies Anthology.
Now Available for Kindle on Amazon
Bump Off Your Enemies in 200 Words or Less
Facebook Event ~ March 15, 2013 
Mr. Perfect
Submitted by: Candace C. Bowen

She watched him on the riding mower from where she crouched. He seemed perfect when they met ten years ago. Coming out of a bad relationship she wanted to believe there were men like him so she accepted his lies. His façade quickly faded after marriage and a child. By then she felt trapped. Year after year she withdrew into herself waiting for the chance to be free of him. When it finally came, he used the justice system to extort a part of what took her years to build. She accepted the court’s judgment with dignity. She even held her head high through the character assassination that followed by he and his family. His mistake came when he badmouthed her to their child. A mother would do anything to protect her child.

The recoil from the gun went unnoticed when she fired. She smiled with a sense of satisfaction as the bullet struck directly between his eyes. Bone, brain and blood formed a deadly halo above him as the hollow-point bullet exited the back of his head. The police would later declare it a random shooting by a local gang. Life was indeed perfect.
February 3, 2012: Well, the masses have spoken and we have great news! Thanks to popular demand, 7R and Candace C. Bowen have just struck a deal to publish the next book in the Knight series: A Knight of Battle. Here's a quick teaser for what the book's about:

Albin, a knight on a mission for his liege lord.
Lecie a commoner he believes to be married. An attraction too great to deny, a misunderstanding gone ...horribly awry.
Will they settle their differences before fate separates them forever?

A Knight of Battle will be released this Fall and we couldn't be more proud. :) Nope, we're still not going to open up romance as one of our genres, but Candace's AKOS was one of our flagship books. We're so proud of it and her and we can't tell you how honored we are to be able
to share with you the full Knight series.
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BEST ROMANCE EBOOK OF THE YEAR A Knight of Silence by Candace Bowen Early
The amazing Pointillist Artist, Maurizio Battifora, honored me by painting the title of my first novel,
A Knight of Silence, on his work of art entitled, Lizzy.
I shall be forever grateful.
~ My Beloved Grandparents ~
Epifania Maria Commare Locascio
Joseph Locascio
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